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v1 API Deprecation / Transition

Our TextMarks "v2" API has been available for several years now. In order to continue to provide the best possible service, to eliminate security and usage hazards, and to keep our costs and prices low, we can unfortunately no longer support both APIs. Please take this opportunity to learn how to painlessly transition from our deprecated v1 API to our newer v2 API.


As of June 15, 2011, TextMarks will drop all support for the v1 API.

As of July 1, 2011, the v1 API will go permanently offline.

Upgrade Overview

Upgrading from v1 to v2 API is easy and relatively painless. Many of our customers have had a single developer complete the transition in only a few hours.

Both APIs are invoked similarly, and we have v2 API clients for many popular programming languages (more than were available for v1). The main difference you will find are the names of the methods and the response content which is now an easier to parse JSON in v2 as opposed to more cumbersome XML in v1.

How to Upgrade (if you want to use our client libraries)

  1. Grab one of our client libraries (for PHP, Python, Java, and .NET) from our
    v2 API Overview.

  2. Swap out your old client library with our new one.

  3. Update the method names you are invoking:
    v1 "Messaging.sendText" => v2 "GroupLeader.send_one_message".
    v1 "Messaging.postAlert" => v2 "GroupLeader.broadcast_alert".
    v1 "Messaging.subscribe" => v2 "Anybody.invite_to_group".

  4. Update the parameter names you pass to the methods.
    You can find more detailed docs on these functions and dozens more by viewing our v2 API AutoDoc.

  5. Update your response parsing code. All methods now return easy to consume JSON with a standard envelope. You can now even test method calls and view responses directly and interactively using our v2 API AutoDoc.

How to Upgrade (if you don't want to use our client libraries)

If you are rolling your own client code to connect ot our API, please review the details of how our v2 API works in our v2 API Overview.

But even if you wrote your own client before, you might find we now support your programming language of choice. Take a look and see if you might end up with one less piece of code to worry about. We currently provide clients for PHP, Python, Java, and .NET, all listed in our v2 API Overview.

Migrating "Micro-Alerts"

Some of our customers may have been using an undocumented feature of our v1 API called "Micro-Alerts" which allowed addressing messages to subsets of a keyword's subscribers. This is no longer supported. To send to subsets, simply iterate through the list and call GroupLeader.send_one_message for each user. If you have throttling issues, just ask us to raise your limit and let us know why you need it.


If you have any questions or need help with this transition, don't hesitate to contact us at tmdevelopers@textmarks.com.

Thank you for understanding and helping to make TextMarks better.