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URL Variable Substitution

  • To link your TextMark to dynamic web data, you can include up to 9 variables in TextMarks that get their information from a URL.
  • Include \1, \2, ... \9 in the URL and these variables will be replaced by the words that follow the TextMark in the request, or use \0 to get all words following the TextMark.
  • \u is substituted with a numeric ID that will be unique and consistent for each user/phone.
  • \p is substituted with the requesting user's phone number.
  • To use these feature you should disable the message posting option in your TextMark via the management control panel (so extra words aren't treated as messages).
  • For example, try requesting the TextMark AMAZON followed by the ISBN number of a book. You will receive the price of that book on Amazon. The URL for that TextMark is: "http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/\1/".