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TextMarks Interfaces Overview

The TextMarks Mobile Application Services Platform (TMASP) provides numerous interfaces for mobilzing your applications:

  • SMS Request / Response
  • Embeddable HTML Widgets
  • Powerful JSON-RPC API

SMS Request / Response

TextMarks supports SMS request/response interactions and allows you to build simple or sophisticated SMS user interactions that tie into your own database or live applications.

Register a keyword on TextMarks shared short code "41411" and you control what happens when users text your keyword to 41411.

See Request/Response Interaction Overview for instructions and easy examples.

Embeddable HTML Widgets

TextMarks widgets are embeddable on your web pages and allow users to easily subscribe to your keywords by typing in their phone#. This is especially useful when you have a decent amount of web traffic you wish to provide SMS-oriented updates to.


Our JSON-RPC API allows you to do almost anything you can on our website, but programmatically from your own servers. This includes:

  • Broadcast alerts to all subscribers
  • Send a message to a single subscriber
  • Check keyword stats
  • Load subscriber list
  • Remove subscribers
  • Invite subscribers
  • ... and much more.

Visit our Developer Center for more information.