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Contextual Responses for Multiple Choice Menus & Voting

  • Allow users to quickly reply by SMS without having to type your keyword again.
  • Effectively automatically prepends your keyword to the short (one or two char) messages sent by users.
  • In conjunction with dynamic TextMarks, allows you to provide easy menus, polls, multiple choice questions, etc.
  • Details: After any TextMark request, alert, etc., that keyword remains as the user's active implicit context. Short responses (details below) are assumed to be in that context, and treated as if the user had typed your keyword first. Zip codes and Email addresses are also considered as contextual responses.
  • "Short responses" are defined as one character responses (a-t, A-T, 0-9), or two character responses (a-z, A-Z, 0-9). Examples: 1, 2, 14, 05, 99, a, t, f, CA, SF, J7... Note that single character responses u-z and U-Z are reserved by TextMarks.
  • Short responses can be used for global options (e.g. state/country codes), or can be used for infinite depth menu navigation. You may use the "\u" or "\p" URL callback params to uniquely identify your users, allowing you to track session state information in your own application for each user.
  • For a demo of this functionality, try requesting the STATEINFO TextMark by texting STATEINFO to 41411 or going to: http://www.textmarks.com/STATEINFO