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Communicating with other TextMarks Users by Group Chat

NOTE: This function will no longer be available to new customers. Current customers will be grandfathered in, but will no longer receive support.

To allow your subscribers to have access to this function, log in to your account, go to your Manage page, choose the keyword / textmark you'd like to configure, click EDIT, scroll down and click CONFIGURATION, click EDIT, then scroll down to Messaging Options, and select : " Allow users to post messages (via web or phone)"

Once your Textmark has been configured, users can have a group chat by posting messages that are then broadcast to all other users subscribed to that TextMark. Simply send the message after the TextMark (e.g. "mybandkw hey all - practice is now at @ 11 tomorrow!").

  • You can reply directly to a single user by sending an SMS with the keyword REPLY, followed by their USER NAME, followed by your message.

  • To reply again to a user, you can replace their USER NAME with a single dot ("."). Text REPLY followed by "." followed by your message.