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Using a custom domain with a TextMarks Reseller site

TextMarks allows you to use a custom domain for reseller sites.

Normally your white label TextMarks app will run on http://example.manage41411.com, but what if you want a more custom white label domain name? E.g. say your regular web site lives at http://example.com and you'd like your TextMarks customers to manage their groups at http://text.example.com.

To do this, you'll need to:
1. Set up a DNS "CNAME record" pointing text.example.com to www.manage41411.com.
2. Config the TextMarks reseller app to know about your custom domain text.example.com. (Click "Config" in the nav bar, then enter your custom domain name under "Domain Information")

How to make the DNS CNAME record depends on your DNS and hosting provider, but all major providers should easily allow this configuration. If you are asked for "TTL" (time-to-live), a safe value is 3600 (which equates to 1 hour).

GoDaddy Example

If you use GoDaddy for your registrar and you use them for DNS hosting (Total DNS), you can follow the steps below to get started:

STEP 1: Under the manage domain screen, click the "Total DNS Control & MX Records" link. If you do not have this link, it means GoDaddy is not controlling your DNS and you'll need to follow different instructions.

STEP 2: Click "Add new CNAME Record" For the Alias name, enter text.example.com (or whatever subdomain you want your TextMarks customers to use). For the points to host name, enter www.manage41411.com.

STEP 3: Configure your TextMarks reseller site to respond to this new custom domain. Enter in your custom domain under the "CONFIG" portion of the admin, which would be text.example.com in this example used above.

STEP 4: Wait for the DNS to resolve (a few minutes to a few hours) and you should be good to go!