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How can I change my plan?

Log in and click on your Manage Account tab.

If you change your account in between your regular billing cycles, your new billing cycle will occur on the annversary date of this change.

Your invoicing will be handled like this:

  • You will be charged immediately for the following month for the plan selected
  • You will receive a credit for the unused portion of the plan you currently have
  • Any overages or surcharges associated with your current plan will be added to your invoice

You can upgrade or downgrade your account as often as necessary. Please keep in mind, however, that each time you change your plan you will be charged because the billing system is readjusting your anniversary billing date.

NOTE: if you are receiving any type of ongoing credits to your account, you will lose these if you are changing your plan on your own. Make certain that you contact your account manager or our support team to let them know that you have changed your plan online and ask them to review your account for accuracy.