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Hibernation Mode and Suspending your account

What is Hibernation Mode?

Hibernation Mode is a great alternative to cancelling your account because it lets you reserve your keywords, maintain your accounts settings, and keep your subscribers. This is especially useful if you intend to reactivate your account at a later date. Because Hibernation Mode is meant for customers who temporarily do not need to send or receive text messages, the rate for Hibernation Mode is greatly reduced.

Hibernation Mode costs a flat $10/month to maintain up to 10 standard keywords, and 1 4-character keyword. If you need to maintain more than 10 standard keywords, each additional keyword is charged at $5/month. Additional 4-character keywords cost $10/month each. Reserved or 3-character keywords cost $20/month to keep reserved on Hibernation Mode.

Hibernation mode allows you to send/receive 20 SMS messages for free. These message credits are meant to act as a buffer to absorb any accidental use (i.e.: users seeing your keyword and texting in to subscribe while you’re on Hibernation Mode). Each SMS message beyond the initial 20 costs $0.10/message. TextMarks will warn you of potential messsage overages via email.

Why should I go on Hibernation Mode instead of just cancelling my account?

If you need to temporarily suspend your account for whatever reason, and plan to reactivate it in the future, Hibernation Mode is for you. Cancelling your account will delete all of your subscribers, unreserve your keywords, and reset all of your account settings. So if you’ll need your account again in the future, Hibernation Mode lets you essentially save your progress.

One of the biggest reasons customers like Hibernation Mode is that it lets you save your subscribers. Sometimes it takes months (even years) to collect a good, targeted list of subscribers who want to receive your messages and find value in your text campaign. With Hibernation Mode, your subscriber list will be intact when you reactivate your account! If you cancel your account, all subscribers are lost, and you’ll need to start re-building your subscriber list over from scratch.

Another reason Hibernation Mode is great is that it allows you to reserve your keywords. So if you’ve already printed keywords on marketing materials, or have just found a keyword that’s perfect for your business, Hibernation Mode makes sure no one else can take that keyword while your account isn’t in use.

If you already have your account set up the way you like, with a good welcome message, an effective opt-in offer, or even API customization, Hibernation Mode will maintain that setup for you! So when you’re ready to reactivate your account, there’s no need to reset all of the options, messages, and features within your account.

Last, but certainly not least, Hibernation Mode is significantly less expensive than an active account. This is because on Hibernation Mode you aren’t sending or receiving text messages, which means you don’t need to pay for a pool of message credits. For more information on Hibernation Mode pricing, see above, or give us a call at 800.696.1393.

How do I go on Hibernation Mode?

If you have any questions about Hibernation Mode, or would like to set your account on Hibernation Mode, give our customer support team a call at 800.696.1393.