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Credit Card Issues

If you receive a message saying that your credit card has been declined, it is usually one of three problems:

  • Lack of funds

  • An address mismatch which is typically an incorrect zip code

When your credit card is declined because of an AVS mismatch, your credit card company / bank will usually put a "hold" on the funds. Policy states that these funds are subtracted from your available balance until the payment has been cleared - meaning you need to take action and correct the problem on your end. Many first line customer service reps at banks don't understand the payment process and will tell you that the merchant (us) does indeed have the funds when in fact the funds are being held in escrow at your bank until the problem has been fixed. If the problem is not corrected, it can take up to four business days for the bank to release the funds back into your account.

If you have received notification from our accounting and billing system saying that your credit card transaction has been declined, you need to contact your bank directly.

  • The expiration date needs to be updated in our system

You can do this yourself by logging in to your account and updating your credit card information in your Manage Account panel.