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Mobile Marking Association (MMA) Guidelines Compliance


The Mobile Marking Association (MMA) maintains a list of regulations and best practices designed to ensure text messaging programs are clear, legal, and honest in their advertising and implementation. TextMarks shares these goals and requires all customers to must comply with these MMA Guidelines in their applications and advertising. The major mobile carriers frequently audit all advertising channels and will notify TextMarks of detected violations. These violations need to be remedied with very short notice. Noncompliance with these guidelines and/or failure to respond to audits may require TextMarks to suspend or delete customer keywords and accounts.

The TextMarks platform enforces compliance with the MMA guidelines when interacting with phone handsets. However, you must take responsibility for compliance if you choose to promote or advertise your keywords publicly.

Media: Internet (WWW), Print, TV, Radio...

Advertising on the web, in print media, or on TV or radio each have subtle differences but share many of the same underlying requirements.

Due to mobile carriers' automated compliance monitoring efforts, most problems are detected with keywords promoted on the Internet. The best and easiest way to ensure web compliance is to use our customizable subscription widget (which can be easily added to any HTML page). However, we understand that a widget is not always the best or most appropriate way to promote your keyword.

Common Requirements

This section lists requirements common to all media types and issues that are commonly flagged by audits.

Opting Out

You must provide information about how users can opt-out of your program, and it must be in bold text. Recommended language / examples:

  • To opt-out text STOP to 41411.


You must provide information about how users can get help regarding your program. Basic compliance can be achieved by telling users to text HELP to 41411, but that directs customers to TextMarks. It's acceptable and often preferable to provide an email address or phone number for your customers to get help with your program directly from you. This also prevents your customers from contacting us for help with your program.
Recommended language / examples:

  • For more information text HELP to 41411.
  • Visit www.mysite.com for more information.
  • For help or additional info, call (800) 555-1212.
  • E-mail help@mysite.com for information or help.


If you send recurring alerts (i.e. as opposed to offering a pure request/response service), you must specify the frequency with which you will send customers alerts -- even if it's just approximate.
Recommended language / examples:

  • 1msg/wk
  • Expect approx. 4 messages per month


Many mobile phone users pay for each message they receive. Even though all TextMarks messages are what is known as "standard rate" (as opposed to "premium SMS" in which receivers are charged $1 or more per message received), the users may be charged a small amount by their carriers per message. To avoid confusion, you should avoid using the word "free". Furthermore the industry standard phrase "Message and Data Rates May Apply" (or variant) must be included and clearly visible.
Recommended language / examples:

  • Message & data rates may apply
  • Msg & data rates may apply
  • Msg&DataRatesMayApply

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

If space is not available for the full terms and conditions, the location where the full terms and conditions may be accessed without charge to the consumer must be disclosed (e.g. via a website address and/or toll free phone number). The TextMarks Terms of Service (terms.41411.com) must either be provided directly or included in the terms provided (in their entirety or via explicit mention of their inclusion along with a valid link).

Customers providing their own Terms and Conditions must include at a minimum:
a) HELP instructions in BOLD lettering.
b) Program sponsor information, defined as the program name, company name, or brand associated with the campaign.
c) "Msg&Data Rates May Apply" (to better inform consumers that message and data changes may be applicable). Different forms of the above text include: Message and Data Rates May Apply, Msg&data rates may apply, Msg&data rates may apply.
d) Customer Service Contact Information: either a toll-free number, a web submission form or an email address.
e) Carrier compatibility - clearly and conspicuously disclose that content is not available on all carriers, as applicable. Include list of supported carrier names whilst excluding all other carrier names.


In this section you will find a few examples assembling all of the requirements above that you may wish to start with and customize for your programs.

Standard opt-in recurring alert program

Text JIMSCAFE7 to 41411 to receive 25% off your next purchase and join our VIP Coffee Text Club. Message and data rates may apply. Expect approx. 5 msgs/month. To opt-out text STOP to 41411. Terms of use at terms.41411.com. For more information text HELP to 41411, call (415) 555-1212, or visit www.jimscafe.com/vip-coffee-text.html

Request/response program with no recurring messaging

Where's that bus? Text "MYBUS 8382" to 41411 to check arrival for next bus at stop #8382. Msg & Data rates may apply. Call (800) 555-1212 for terms and info.