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How to Get Subscribers

  • To enable users to subscribe to your TextMark (if they cannot already do so), you should activate the "Subscribable TextMark" option in the Configuration panel of your TextMarks' management page (via "Manage" tab). You should also set the subscription options so your TextMark operates as you desire.

  • If you made your TextMark auto-subscribable (option in Configuration panel), users can subscribe by simply texting your keyword to 41411.

  • If your TextMark isn't auto-subscribable but is still Subscribable, users can text your keyword to 41411 and then reply "Y" when prompted to subscribe. (This additional explanatory text is automatically appended to your TextMarks messages if there is room -- try it out now)

  • Users can text SUBSCRIBE YOURKEYWORD or SUB YOURKEYWORD to 41411 to explicitly request a subscription.

  • Users can subscribe from your TextMark's public page (e.g. http://www.textmarks.com/YOURKEYWORD).

  • Users can subscribe from your own site via one of our customizable Flash widgets (http://www.textmarks.com/widget/gallery/). Submit your request through our support page, including your URL which we will review, and a reply will be sent which includes the site from which you can download the HTML code for your widget.

  • When speaking to group of people, request "Get out your phones right now" and "Send a text message to 41411 with the word MYKEYWORD to get on our list" (if your TextMark is not auto-subscribable, alter these instructions accordingly). Mention what type of messages you'll send and how often. Repeat the instructions. This non-technical approach is actually the most effective way to get a large mobile subscriber base!

  • Use your Twitter, Facebook, or other business and social networking site to tell people about your service and have them sign up.

  • Add your subscription information as part of all outgoing email messages.