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How can a user respond to me, and where are these messages shown?

If you want your subscribers to provide you with information which you are requesting, you must have us enable the "reply to" feature for that particular keyword. Send an email to tmsupport@textmarks.com with your user name and keyword, and ask that this be enabled for that keyword.

Once this has been turned on, people simply need to respond to one of your messages with the information you are requesting them to submit.

These messages can be viewed in two places:

  1. All messages, incoming and outgoing, can be seen by going to your Keyword > Settings > Reports > Messages

  2. Recent messages and two way conversations can also be viewed here:
    Keyword > Settings > Reports > SMS Conversations

Two way conversations between you and the subscriber over the previous 24 hours can be viewed here in blocks by user rather than line item messages as shown in your Reports > Messages screen.