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What's a valid Keyword?

What's a valid keyword?

TextMarks keywords may be composed of letters and numbers only. They are case insensitive (i.e. no differentiation between uppercase and lowercase) but are typically written in CAPITAL letters.

The maximum keyword size is 15 characters, and the minimum size is 3 characters. Registering 3 and 4 character keywords may require upgrading your plan, and 3 character keywords must be assigned manually by our staff.

Users may text in your keyword to 41411 to subscribe to your keyword, trigger a script on your server (via HTTP callback), retrieve a response, or various other actions.

If your back end script takes parameters in addition to the keyword (i.e. by using \0 or other variables in the URL), users can text these in after the keyword with a space separating them, such as "KEYWORD some params". In addition to space, you may use any of the following characters that may semantically match your use case: #*-_,

  • "KEYWORD 123"
  • "KEYWORD#123"
  • "KEYWORD*123"
  • "KEYWORD-123"
  • "KEYWORD_123"
  • "KEYWORD, 123"

Note that certain parameters can also be texted on their own (without your keyword) and will still be routed to your back end script, allowing you to ask questions to users that they may reply to naturally. This includes e-mail addresses, zip codes (5 digits), single characters (A-T), and double characters and numbers (e.g. CA, B7, etc.). See Contextual Responses