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Do keywords expire?

Groups/keywords managed by users with lite/free trial accounts expire after 30 days of inactivity. This policy is in place to ensure that unused keywords are available for customers who want to use them.

If you want to make sure your keywords don't expire, please keep them in use or sign up for one of our paid services . Paid keywords don't expire.

You can also protect your keyword from expiring by simply using it. There are lots of ways to use your keyword, but here are a few:

  • From your own phone, text your keyword to 41411.
  • Go to your keyword's page at www.textmarks.com/KEYWORD, where you should substitute KEYWORD with your keyword.
  • Send an alert to your subscribers, if you have any
  • Get someone to send a text to your keyword
  • Get someone to sign up through a web widget

Any of these actions will reactivate your keyword and reset the 30 day expiration time window.

Once groups/keywords in your lite account have reached a period of 30 days of inactivity, they will expire and your list of subscribers will be lost.